Zhuang,Yuan   Stanford University 2017/04/24


"AITE is definitely the king of value in Suzhou. Its tuition is lower than its competitors, but the quality of service is way over our expectation. AITE's teachers are outstanding, and the systematic way of teaching works very well. Learning in AITE is both fun and effective. I am very grateful for this brilliant learning experience provided by AITE."


Shi,Zhe   University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2018/10/10


"During the 10 months in AITE, I had a 400-point improvement with my SAT score. Isn’t that impressing! My time in AITE really gave me a feeling as if they were my family. My teachers gave me so much skills and experience that learning becomes easy."


Chen,Si   Imperial College London 2019/07/17


"The time at AITE was a lot of fun. Our teachers really tried to help us and befriend with us. My SAT courses become alive and fascinating thanks to my teachers. I am very grateful to AITE and everyone who has helped me along the way."


Xu,Xing   University College London 2019/09/10


"AITE has provided a valuable learning environment. It’s quite difficult to find a group of classmates who are truly dedicated to achieve a common goal. My classmates and teachers will respond to every question I have with either discussion or answer. The team work really makes a difference."


Cao,Zhehua   University of Cambridge 2018/09/09


"AITE is the definition of quality! Its unique review policy allows me to study for unlimited times to strengthen my understanding. AITE puts endeavor into every detail to help to succeed."


Wang,Hongyu   University of Virginia 2018/05/25


"AITE has given me a service of extraordinary value. The consultants and instructors worked together to find out my space of improvement. The courses are precisely aimed at my weaknesses so I can greatly improve my TOEFL and SAT."


Zou,Qijia   New York University 2018/08/08


"The very reason of me making my way to NYU is AITE. AITE has a dynamic way of teaching that abolishes the traditional memorization model. The teachers use active and exiting method to make us fall in love with what we learn. With this attitude, the score just comes naturally."


Zhang,Yinuo   Duke University 2017/06/26


"In fact, AITE has long been a rock star institution among my peers. We all trust AITE to be the best of the best. It puts love into the education. What we learnt from AITE is not only the cold knowledge from coursebooks, but also a positive attitude towards learning and growth."